Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Street Drift Japan Style. .

Last Blog For Tonight

Street Drift Japan Style. .

Watch it and see how much fun street drift in the wet is

Peace out


Powercruise 2011

Power Cruise has been and gone. . What a weekend it was

We hired a holiday home and got up there on the thursday. The house we got was the O.G Orignal PowerCruise house. Ahh the memories we had there. .

We Did Fuck all for 2 days and mostly just laxed in the hot sun and talked shit

We headed off to taupo racetrack on the saturday eager to hit the track just like a school boy gets when his restricted licence. .

Corey brought his evo up
Bryce brought his silvia
I Brought my beater up too. .
And rich joined us too.

Great weekend with mates and all the adventures we had


S15 Teaser

One of my mates made a lil vid. .

Doo watch :D


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Friday, 6 May 2011

How it all started. . .

Well. . .  If your reading this then welcome to my blog!! First just going to start with what cars have passed through my hands.

My First performance car was a 1990 Mitsubishi Galant VR4. Purchased for 5K around 6 years ago.

As you can tell from the pic it was standard height, Had a Full 3" Exhaust to a "Rotary" Muffler, Action Dan dump pipe as well as a boost gauge

The day i got it i checked the oil and there was diddly sqat on the dip stick. Typical Mitsi. .

Had this car for a year before i thought it was time to upgrade. . . .

Went and brought a Evolution 4. . Now fuck knows why i wanted to buy this but at 21 and 5 years ago there wernt many of these on the road and brought for a price tag of 21k with 90kms

Had a factory sunroof 3" Exhaust and carbon fibre in the dash.

Installed gauges and brought a pick a part bootlid since the wing wasent going to come off in any hurry. . Was  Sold for 15K a year later to upgrade again or what people called it a down grade

Evo 1 brought for 12K with 133kms on clock. Came with 5 grand of recipets from RSL racing in auckland.

Had a Full 3" Exhaust, Rebuilt TD-05 to 20G Specs, Fuel Pump, Lowering springs, Bronze Tial waste-u-gate

To This day i miss this car a fuck load and the car ended up to get a name around for being a quick car as i ran it on 20psi boost. .

Got bored of it after snapping the cambelt and was sold running to a 17 year old for 10K cash with a blowen head gasket as i found out, No clutch, and using alot of oil

Then came the car you all know me by. .

Next Blog ill go into more detail of the car and its history before my ownership. .